Music fees for the 2022-23 school year are listed below by instrument. If your child is in an instrument area and Chorus, the instrumental fee will be split between the 2 areas.

We appreciate your support of our music program and we want to continue to be able to provide instruments and quality programming for our students.

Music Fees are used to cover, but are not limited to the following things:

Instrument repairs & insurance

Bus transportation to performances within Houston

Classroom equipment, music, and supplies

Purchase of new & replacement instruments


$175.00 – Advanced Band

$175.00 – Beginning Band

$75.00 – Rhythm Band

$75.00 – Pre-Band

$175.00 – Cello

$175.00 – Violin

$175.00 – Guitar

$175.00 – Piano

$175.00 – Beginning & Advanced Chorus

None – Choir

None – Music Enrichment

None – Elements of Music


Please make checks payable to: PARKER MUSIC (Put child’s name AND MAGNET AREA in memo lines) or pay online at ParkerPTO.org/Music fees. If you wish to donate an additional magnet fee in sponsorship of another student, you may do so online or in person.


 CHORUS STUDENTS ONLY: If your student is in chorus AND an instrument area, please add BOTH ITEMS to your cart. A 50% discount code will be automatically applied at checkout.

(We need this information to allocate the fees to the correct programs.)


Payment Plans are available. At checkout, you may enter the first portion you are able to pay (minimum of $40). You will be prompted to make additional payment(s) every 2 months until the order is paid in full.