Parker Elementary PTO - Houston ISD, TX - Welcome

Welcome From Your Board!

On behalf of the Parker Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), we would like to welcome you to

Parker Elementary School! We are so excited for another year and look forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones alike!


What is the PTO?

A Parent Teacher Organization is is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers, school staff and Administration.


What does the PTO do?

The organization's goals include encouraging parents to become involved in their children's education experience, raising money to fund the wonderful school events geared toward the teachers and students, encouraging teachers and students throughout the school year, community involvement, and welfare of students and families. While raising money to fund events and programs is our main goal, we realize giving a monetary donation isn't always possible. A large part of our funding comes from our membership dues, but being a member is not a requirement to volunteer your time or sign up to donate items for events. We have many one-time events that wouldn't be possible without the help of ALL who are willing, members and supporters alike! We truly welcome EVERYONE! 


What PTO funds?

The PTO raises money to assist learning and fun at Parker Elementary.  Support provided varies from monetary support for curriculum, supplies, school equipment (inside and out), and technology, to volunteer efforts, school events, community support and staff appreciation. 

Below are just a FEW examples of what we've been able to do with your generous contributions:


  • Membership Drive raised more than $10,000 toward the PTO’s general fund.

  • Fall Fundraiser raised more than $26,000 toward the PTO’s general fund.

  • FunFest raised more than $6,000 toward the PTO’s general fund.

  • Spring Auction raised more than $13,000 toward the purchase of a technology cart.

  • Box Tops for Education raises approximately $3,000 each year...this is FREE money.

  • Scholastic Book Fair raises more than $8,000 specifically for library use for books,

    equipment and supplies.



We want all members of the PTO to be involved, feel connected, and give input regarding the ways we can best serve all Parker students through volunteer and financial support. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!



Parker PTO Board

Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.




Kelly Lewis

Heather Rowe


Stacy Anderson


Anne Dayton


Trisha Kennedy

Communications VP

Samantha Wallace

Fundraising VP


Chrissy Pichot
Fundraising-Elect VP

Tammy Biser-Sherborne
Educational Enhancements VP

Danielle McCormick

Volunteer Services VP

Susannah Ortiz
Magnet VP

 DeLenn Maples

Student Affairs VP

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Any Questions! 




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