Afterschool ENRICHMENT Programs



After-School Enrichment Program

Spring 2019


Dear Parents,


The Parker Elementary PTO is excited about another great line-up of classes for the Spring session of our After-School Enrichment Program. The Parker PTO aims to provide high-quality extracurricular activities that enrich our students’ academic and physical education in a safe and easily-accessible location: Parker Elementary! There’s no need to drive to another spot after school- let us bring the fun to you!

Courses will be taught by HISD teachers or vendors such as Main Street Theater, Language Kids, Idea Lab, and Mad About Hoops! All guest instructors will be VIPS-approved.



All registration opens December 19, 2018 at 8pm at the PTO website:

*Registration for Hula Hooping and Spanish will be at the vendor’s website. See course description for details.



All classes will be begin the week of January 28, 2019. The session will run for 12 weeks. The last day of classes is April 25, 2019. No classes will be held on the week of Spring Break (March 11-15). Some classes may have additional make-up classes, which will be arranged directly by the instructor.



Enrichment classes will have the opportunity to show off their new skills and knowledge at a Enrichment Program Showcase at the end of each session. Stay tuned for date and time information.


Class Cancellation

If your child is registered for an Enrichment class that is canceled due to low enrollment, a full refund for that class will be issued. In the event of instructor illness, your regular instructor will arrange a substitute or contact the class as early as possible to inform them of cancellation and make-up day information.   



A student may be withdrawn from the Enrichment Class within the first 3 meeting of the class. A refund will be issued for 50% of the tuition for that class. Tuition will not be carried over or held as credit to another semester.


Afterschool Care

Before Class: Currently enrolled students will be supervised ONLY from 2:50pm (regular dismissal) until 3:35pm (start of Afterschool Enrichment Program). This is available ONLY on the day on which a student is attending an Enrichment class and does not include the weeks before enrichment classes start or after enrichment classes end. Students MUST register with Aftercare, but will not be expected to pay an additional fee. Students will be provided a snack during this period.

After Class: Students MUST be picked up promptly at 4:35pm (end of class). NO AFTERCARE will be provided after classes UNLESS the student is paying tuition for an appropriate Aftercare plan. Repeated late pick-ups may result in the student being removed from the Enrichment program.



Contact the Parker PTO at or with questions.




Afterschool Enrichment Program

Spring 2019


Class Descriptions


Art (Grades 1-2 and 3-5) Taught by Ms Dickinson

Art is a process of innovation and expression that can be integrated into every aspect of the academic curriculum. Students who display interest in visual arts will engage in activities that are fun, as well as educational. In Art Class, they will have the opportunity to explore different components of art while they create their own masterpieces.

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 15 students


Yearbook (Grades 4-5) Taught by Ms. Wilson

The production of a yearbook takes hard-work, cooperation, dedication, patience, and passion.   Students will be tasked with producing a timeless, creative, and innovative publication recording the 5th graders’ memories achievements, and events. This is an opportunity for students to grow as historians, journalists, and artists while gaining skills in the following areas: page design, editing, photography, record keeping, time management, teamwork, marketing, and leadership.

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 20 students


Design-Based Engineering: Toy Engineering Hacks (Grades K-2) Taught by IdeaLab Bellaire

Take your favorite toy and think about how you can enhance it… or make it even better! This module is all about editing and hacking popular gizmos and gadgets, and making them more fun!

Minimum 4 students / Maximum 24 students


Kano Coding (Grades 1-5) Taught by Mr. Harrison

Learn to code through hundreds of playful challenges. Make art, games, and music with real code & simple steps. Powered by Raspberry Pi.

Minimum 6 students / Maximum 12 students


Spanish (Grades K-2 and 3-5) Taught by Language Kids: Connecting children to culture through fun, authentic and meaningful language immersion programs. We provide foreign language acquisition programs for children in an authentic, fun and nurturing environment that focuses on fluency development and fosters friendship and curiosity for other cultures. We are passionate about world languages and multiculturalism, and teaching them to children in fun, authentic and meaningful ways. We are currently offering Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French and language acquisition programs for children at dozens of schools, preschools and other locations in the Houston metro area.

Minimum 6 students / Maximum 10 students

*Register through


Garage Band (Grades 2-5) Taught by Mr Harrison

Apple’s GarageBand app turns our iPads into virtual music studios where students can compose, record individual instrument tracks, layer them together, and edit the whole creation into their own masterpiece.  

Minimum 4 students / Maximum 24 students


3D Printing (Grades 3-5) Taught by IdeaLab Bellaire

3D Printing:  Global Architecture

Learn about the fundamentals of 3D printing while studying the symbolic status of buildings around the world.  By joining this class, you will use 3D printing software to bring to life famous architectural designs such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Colosseum.

Minimum 4 students / Maximum 24 students


Hula Hooping (Grades K-5) Taught by Amy Neel with Mad About Hoops

Do you wish your kids would enjoy being psychically active? Do they enjoy Cirque Du Soleil? Then Mad About Hoops is perfect for your child. Each week the kids will learn cool hoop tricks, hoop dance moves and partner moves! This class will improves balance and coordination while burning up to 400 calories per hour. Not only does hula hooping create healthy bodies, but it's a great way of building self-confidence through creative movement! You'll be so impressed with your hooper stars at the end of the semester, you'll think they joined the circus!

Minimum 6 students / Maximum 14 students

*Register through; Amy Neel:


Karate (Grades K-5) Taught by Mr. Williams

In addition to teaching self defense and awareness, the children’s classes emphasize respect, discipline, and confidence. Additionally, each student is taught the importance of proper behavior and cooperation with others as it relates to life.

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 40 students


Journalism (Grades 3-5) Taught by Mr. Kabay

Students will be writing and reporting about school and local events, conducting interviews, researching and verifying facts, and editing writing. We will publish a monthly Parker newsletter.

Minimum 6 students / Maximum 12 students


Music Composition (Grades 3-5*) Taught by Nathan Quick

* Students must have a basic knowledge of note names. Any instrument is welcome.

Course Description
This group class will provide students instruction in an open atmosphere with other peers. They will learn arrangements and melodies, song structure, and develop a musical mind geared towards creating their own pieces. A vast pool of genres will be presented, such as pop and traditional to classical and jazz. The student will grow musically and learn basic theory and composition. They will learn how to interact musically as a soloist and accompanying musician.

Teacher Description
Nathan Quick is an accomplished teacher, songwriter, performer, and studio guitarist. He practices the Berklee Method of music and has studied under Mike Wheeler (University of St. Thomas, University of Houston) and 3-time Grammy Nominated artist Bert Wills. He started his own lessons company in 2015 and has continued to expand. He has been a studio musician at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston since 2010 and has performed over 4,500 times.
Nathan is very passionate about guitar and teaching and looks forward to sharing his passion for music with his students.

Afterschool Theatre Class (Grades K-5) Taught by Main Street Theatre

The Parker Players

Children’s inherent gift for playmaking is central to our theatre class. In our class, students will engage in improvisation games, movement, and voice production. They will become well-acquainted with the stage where, as a culminating experience on the final class day, a student-driven production will unfold through the actions and  the words of vibrant characters created by our actors: the play.


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