Afterschool enrichment programs - SPRING 2023




The Parker Elementary PTO is excited to bring back our After-School Enrichment Program. We aim to work with Parker Teachers and outside Vendors to provide quality extracurricular activities that enrich our students’ academic and physical education. The best part is that it all takes place in a safe and convenient location: Parker Elementary! There’s no need to drive to another spot after school- let us bring the fun to you!

Activities will be led by HISD teachers, staff, volunteers, or outside vendors. Every person coming onto our campus and working with your children will have been screened and approved through HISD’s VIPS system.


Spring 2023 Enrichment Information


Important Dates
January 12 - Enrichment Club Sales Launch at 8pm on the Parker PTO website. 

January 19 - Club Sales Close

Week of January 23 - First Week of Clubs

Week of April 17th - Last Week of Clubs


Important Changes for Spring 2023
Before Care Fee: Students who need Before Care prior to the start of clubs will now have an additional fee of $10 per day that care is needed. This DOES NOT apply to students who have magnet class the day of their club or students who are already enrolled in after care on the day of their club. Please see below for more information.


Late Pickup Policy: If you will not be able to pick up your child promptly at 4:45, we ask that you please not enroll them in an afterschool club. If a parent is consistently late for pickup, the child (or children) will be removed from their club and potentially unable to enroll in future after school clubs. 


Enrichment Clubs Offered for Spring 2023 - 3:45 - 4:45 Unless otherwise noted

Monday Clubs
Mural Art Club with Ms Adair *Grades K-2 ($180)
Westbury Soccer Club 1 with Coach Santi *Grades 1-3 ($185)
Parker Drama Club with Ms Hamilton *Grades 2-4 ($110)
Dance Club 1 with 6th Position Dance *Grades K-2 ($275)
Parker Chess Club with Ms Wilson *Grades 3-5 ($90)

5th Grade Memory Book Club with Ms Hokansen *Grades 4-5 ($160)

Tuesday Clubs
Spanish Club with Mr Eduardo Pales * Grades K-2 ($130)
Theater Club with Main Street Theater *Grades 1-3 ($350)
Fencing Club with Houston Sword Sports *Grades 1-5 ($300)
Parker Golf Club with Mr Jordan *Grades 3-5 ($200)

Westbury Soccer Club 2 with Coach Santi *Grades 3-5 ($200)


Wednesday Clubs

**EARLY 3:00 - 3:40 ** Gymnastics Club with Browns Gymnastics  *Grades K-2 ($275)

Westbury Soccer Club 3 with Coach Santi *Grades 1-3 ($200)
Gymnastics Club with Brown’s Gymnastics *Grades 2-5 ($350)
Graphic Novel Publishing Club with Ms Basden *Grades 2-4 ($180)
Dance Club 2 with 6th Position Dance *Grades 3-5 ($275)

Theater Club with Main Street Theater *Grades 4-5 ($350)


Thursday Clubs
Arts & Crafts Club with Ms Monita *Grades K-2 ($150)
Martial Arts Club with Master Williams *Grades K-5 ($250)
Spanish Club with Language Kids *Grades K-5 ($245)

Parker Science Club with Ms Laura Boston *Grades 3-5 ($65)
Westbury Soccer Club 4 with Coach Santi *Grades 3-5 ($200)



Registration opens January 12, 2023 at 8pm on the PTO website, and closes January 19.

Before registration opens:
Check your PTO account and make sure you have the correct grade level for your child. Clubs will be available to purchase based on the grade level your child is listed in on you PTO account. This information does not update automatically. Parents must manually update it. If this is not updated, a program you want your child to join may not show up on your options. 


Spring 2023 Schedule

Clubs will begin the week of January 23rd. The session will run for 12 school weeks. The last day of clubs is Thursday, April 20th. No classes will be held the week of Spring Break or on the HISD in-service day (Monday, February 20th).


Class Cancellation

*If your child is registered for an Enrichment class that is canceled due to low enrollment, please contact the enrichment team to arrange a refund or to apply your payment to another club with available space. 

*In the event of instructor illness, your regular instructor will arrange a VIPS approved substitute, or will contact the class as early as possible to inform them of cancellation and make-up day information. 


*Weather/School Closure Cancellations - UPDATED: If HISD closes schools due to weather or any other public health issue, clubs planned for that day WILL NOT be made up.



A student may be withdrawn from the enrichment class within the first 3 meetings of the class. A refund will be issued for 50% of the tuition for that class. Tuition will not be carried over or held as credit to another semester.


Before Class: 

When signing up, we ask that you let us know where your student will be prior to clubs on the day of their club. 
If your child is not in magnet class, is not already enrolled in aftercare, and will need supervised care prior to the start of Clubs (from 3pm-3:45) please choose the option requesting Before Care. You will need to add Before Care to your cart for the day that it is needed. It must be added each day it is needed and for each child it is needed for. 

A snack will be provided for students who take part in before care. If you think your child will need additional water for the longer day, please send it with them on the day of their enrichment club.


After Class: 
Students MUST be picked up promptly at 4:45pm (end of class). NO AFTERCARE will be provided after classes UNLESS the student is paying tuition for an appropriate Aftercare plan. Repeated late pick-ups WILL result in the student being removed from the Enrichment program, and potentially no longer allowed to sign for future enrichment classes.


Contact the Parker Enrichment Team at ParkerEnrichmentProgram@gmail.com with questions. As a reminder, this email address is monitored by parent volunteers who will respond as quickly as possible. 




5th Grade Memory Book/Yearbook Club (4-5) Monday - with Ms. Hokanson

Fourth and fifth grade students will be tasked with producing the annual 5th grade memory book. This is an opportunity for students to grow as historians, journalists, and artists while gaining skills in the following areas: page design, editing, photography, record keeping, time management, teamwork, marketing, and leadership.

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 20 students


Chess Club (Grades 3-5) Monday - with Ms. Wilson

Chess Club is for 3rd - 5th grade students interested in learning the fundamentals of chess, working on their existing chess game, and wanting to practice and play chess with friends. Club meetings will lead up to an end of program inner Club Chess Tournament.

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 22 students


Crafty Art Club (K-2) Thursday - Taught by Ms. Monita

Students will be making all kinds of fun, crafty art items. We will be using materials like model magic, craft sticks, yarn and so much more!

Minimum 15 students / Maximum 22 students 


Drama Club (2-4) Monday - Taught by Ms Hamilton (formerly Ms Jensen)*

A student drama club where participants will learn acting skills & put their creativity to work by designing sets and props, and performing a play. As a music magnet, Parker has most students acclimated to performing. Drama club will allow them to express themselves in a different art form on stage.

*Please note that in any theater class, attendance is very important for collaborating, rehearsing, and performing with peers. Absences may impact roles and responsibilities assigned to participants.

Minimum 25 students / Maximum 35 students


Dance Club 1 Monday - by 6th Position Dance Company (Grades K-2)**
Dance Club 2 Wednesday - by 6th Position Dance Company (Grades 3-5)**

6th Position Dance Company offers convenient onsite school dance programs that create a new and exciting addition to school programs. Our Let’s Dance programs provide a riveting Introduction into the World of Dance and Performing Arts for Children.

The Let’s Dance Program goes beyond teaching children the mere fundamentals of dance, to building self-confidence, creativity, flexibility, proper posture and body alignment. Our programs are designed to prepare our students not only for dance but sports, academics, and life. Our classes help children develop and practice social, physical, and gross motor skills, but our major focus is the FUN! 

Donshika Deyon is the Artistic Director of 6th Position Dance Company. Her mission is to heighten the awareness of Joy and Freedom through the education of dance and performance. 

Min 10/ Max 25

**Please note participation in this class will require the following additional items/expenses. Ordering info will be sent to participants after signing up. If you already have the first two items at home, no need to order.

  1. Black ballet shoes with an estimated cost of $18 before tax
  2. Black capri leggings (school dress code approved)
  3. A performance tee shirt to be ordered in the second half of the club ($15 cost)


Fencing (Grades 1-5) Tues - Taught by Houston Sword Sports

En garde! Fencing is the sport of knights and pirates. We will teach you to move like a fencer, wield your sword, and compete with your classmates. We provide all fencing equipment – just come on in and we’ll have you fencing in no time!

Minimum 8 students / Maximum 24 students


Golf Club (Grades 3-5) Tues - Taught by Mr. Jordan

Parker Golf Club will introduce students to the game of golf. This club uses a life skills curriculum to build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience in participating with others. The students will learn about safety in regards to the golf swing, ball striking, and putting techniques. 

Minimum 8 students/ Maximum 20 students


Graphic Novel Publishing Club (Grades 2-4)  Wednesday with Ms Basden

Students will work with Ms Basden to plan, write, illustrate, edit, and finalize their very own graphic novel. Upon completion, their final work will be sent in to be published. Club members will receive their published graphic novel to keep & share with their friends and families.

Min 10/Max 15


EARLY Gymnastics ( K-2) Weds - Taught by Coach Steve & BROWNS GYMNASTICS*

*Please note this club takes place EARLIER than the standard time. Early Gymnastics is from 3:00pm until 3:40pm. Participants who are not enrolled in After Care will need to be picked up at 3:40 magnet release.

What to expect? FUN, a little HARD WORK, FUN, Tricks, and more FUN. This will be a beginner/intermediate level gymnastics class that will cover floor tricks (cartwheels, round-offs, front/back handspring), low balance beam, and mini trampoline.

Whether your child is a beginner or already getting good at some of the basics, this class will be perfect.

Minimum 15 students / Maximum 30 students


Gymnastics (Grades 2-5) Weds - Taught by Coach Steve & the Browns Gymnastics Team

What to expect? FUN, a little HARD WORK, FUN, Tricks, and more FUN. This will be a beginner/intermediate level gymnastics class that will cover floor tricks (cartwheels, round-offs, front/back handspring), low balance beam, and mini trampoline. Whether your child is a beginner or already getting good at some of the basics, this class will be perfect.

Students will be put into groups considering both skill level and age. 

Minimum 20 students / Maximum 40 students


Intro/Beginning Spanish (Grades K-2) Tues - Taught by Mr. Eduardo 

Younger students (K-2) are invited to join Mr. Eduardo (Ms. Monita's son) on a Spanish language and culture journey. This class will introduce students to basic Spanish words and phrases. Students will practice conversation and learn through games & activities.

Minimum 8 students / Maximum 15 students


Martial Arts (Grades K-5) Thursday - Taught by Master Williams & his team

In addition to teaching self defense and awareness, Master Williams' Martial Arts classes for children emphasize respect, discipline, and confidence. Each student is introduced to martial arts while also learning the importance of proper behavior and cooperation with others, as it relates to life.

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 20 students


Main Street Theatre Club (Grades 1-3) Tuesday - Taught by Main Street Theatre*
Main Street Theatre Club (Grades 4-5) Wednesday - Taught by Main Street Theatre*

Main Street Theater’s classes at Parker offer the chance for young performing artists to explore new worlds, build confidence, and have lots of fun! 

Who are we looking for? Good team players willing to engage in creativity and collaboration. Anyone and everyone who has ever imagined their own adventure!  What you will need:  your body, your voice, and your imagination!  

Our energetic, professional teachers are ready to help your student create an original play! Come join our performing arts playground!

Minimum 6 students / Maximum 15 students

*Please note that in any theater class, attendance is very important for collaborating, rehearsing, and performing with peers. Absences may impact roles and responsibilities assigned to participants.


Mural Art Club (K-2) Monday - Taught by Ms. Adair

Work with Ms Adair and your fellow club members to create a mini mural on the Parker Campus. When not working on the mural, students will have the opportunity to engage in other fun and educational activities that introduce a variety of visual art mediums. 

Minimum 10 students / Maximum 15 students 


Parker Science Club (Grades 3-5) Thurs - Taught by Ms. Laura Boston

The Parker Science Club is for curious third through fifth grade scientists.  We'll try hands-on science activities as we explore chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering while learning about the scientific method, curiosity and discovery.  

Ms Boston is a retired teacher/librarian with a grandchild at Parker and a continuing fascination with the world around her. 

Min 6/Max 12


Soccer Club Taught by Coach Santi & Westbury Soccer Club
Monday (Grades 1-3)
Tuesday (Grades 3-5)
Wednesday (Grades 1-3)
Thursday (Grades 3-5)

This engaging after-school soccer program, led by Westbury Soccer Club, focuses on development and fun. The main goal of Westbury Soccer Club is to engage players in soccer activities that find the perfect balance between the skill of the child and the challenge presented. Houston's oldest soccer club works to keep young players engaged and having fun, while also developing their skills in the game, and as a team player. 

Minimum 8 students / Maximum 20 students


Spanish (Grades K-5) Thursday -  Taught by Language Kids

¡Hola! Your child is invited to join us in an unforgettable Spanish learning adventure! Language Kids Worlds provides children with the opportunity to learn and experience the Spanish culture and language through music and play. Our fun and innovative curriculum incorporates a new thematic unit each semester, while reinforcing what children need to know to develop basic communicative skills in Spanish. 

Minimum 6 students / Maximum 10 students