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We Love Celebrating Birthdays at Parker!!

Celebrate Your Child's Birthday with a Birthday-Gram!

  *Please note that the PTO is working to design a fun & creative way to help you celebrate your students' birthdays from home! Stay tuned for more info.

A Birthday-Gram includes:

A “Happy Birthday” mention on the morning announcements and goody bag delivered to the classroom with a birthday crown, “It’s my Birthday” sticker, a mini chalkboard, Happy Birthday Pencil and a Happy Birthday Duck! 



See your child’s name in LIGHTS on the Parker Marquee!

Birthday-Grams: $20 per kid

Birthday-Gram + Marquee: $30 per kid


Does your child have a summer birthday?

Surprise them with a Birthday-Gram

delivered on their ½ Birthday!



Questions?: birthdaygrams@parkerpto.org 



Online Purchase Click Here!