We Love Celebrating Birthdays at Parker!!

Celebrate Your Child's Birthday with a Birthday-Gram!

Birthday-grams will be begin Tuesday, September 5th for the 2023-24 school year. 


A Birthday-Gram includes:

  • A special goody bag delivery with a birthday crown and fun treats
  • A mention in morning announcements
  • “It’s my Birthday” Polaroid picture with a magnetic frame
  • Birthday Marquee, see your child’s name in LIGHTS on the Parker Marquee


Birthday-Gram + Marquee: $25 per child


For a sibling use coupon code, LIONS for a $5 discount

More than two siblings, use code LIONSPLUS for a $10 discount



Does your child have a summer birthday?

Surprise them with a Birthday-Gram

announced on their ½ Birthday!



Questions?: birthdaygrams@parkerpto.org




Online Purchase Click Here!