Afterschool Care 

2023-2024 ASC




Q: Does ASC begin on the first day of school? 

A: Yes! ASC runs every day school is in session, first day to last day. The only time ASC is canceled is on days HISD cancels after school sports and extracurriculars due to inclement weather.


Q: How do I pick up my student from ASC?

A: You will need to park and walk in to the front office so you can sign your student out. Please be patient while the front office calls your student's teacher on the walkie and your student packs up their stuff and makes their way to the front.


Q: Do I need to send an extra snack with my student?

A: One snack per ASC student is provided.


Q: Do I have to pay for days/weeks that my child does not attend ASC?
A: Yes, ASC availability is determined by the number of filled spots. By accepting a spot you are committing to will be billed monthly unless you withdraw your student. If you withdraw you student you are giving up you spot and would have to re-enroll and will be placed on the wait list until a spot opens up. If you need ASC coverage on a limited basis, we offer a drop-in option that will charge a fee only on days your student stays after school.


Q: How and when do we make payments?

A: You can make payments online via the ProCare Parent Portal. Click here for instructions. You can make one-time payments through the portal or set up automatic payments. Please be sure to sign an authorization form in the office to complete the automatic payment enrollment. Returning families, please sign a new authorization form each year so we can confirm your payment preference. 

The front office can also accept checks and credit card payments during ASC hours. 


If you have additional questions or concerns about the program, registration, or tuition, please email Robin Gibson at rgibson@houstonisd.org or the PTO ASC Chair at afterschoolcare@parkerpto.org

The front office is staffed during all ASC hours and can assist you with immediate needs: 713-726-3634




Afterschool Care Registration Instructions:


Families currently enrolled in ASC: Registration will open April 10, 2023 at 8pm. You will receive a registration link by email to the email currently on file. Registration for 2023-2024 will go through the MyProcare portal. If you have not yet logged into that account, please follow the directions below to set up your account. EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT WITH ANOTHER SCHOOL, YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH PARKER ASC. 

  • Follow this link to create your new Parker Procare account: www.myprocare.com/Default/Index?aWtuPTcwOTU2MDEwNjImc2NoSWQ9Mg==
  • Complete the steps to create your account. You will get a confirmation email saying “Greetings XX. Thank you for submitting your information…” We will approve your ACCOUNT registration. YOU WILL STILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR AFTERCARE AT 8PM 

New families: 

  1. Follow this link to create your new Procare account: myprocare.com/Default/Index?aWtuPTcwOTU2MDEwNjImc2NoSWQ9Mg==
  2. Complete the steps to create your account. When you get a confirmation email saying “Greetings XX. Thank you for submitting your information…”

    you are NOT done!

  3. Log-in to your new Procare parent portal at myprocare.com.
  4. On the home screen, you will see an Alert that Registrations are available. Click the blue “VIEW” button and “BEGIN RE-REGISTRATION”.
  5. Please confirm all information, especially your student’s grade for the NEW SCHOOL YEAR and desired program.
  6. After you get an email that says “Thank you for submitting your registration…”, your application will show as pending on your dashboard until it is approved by ASC administrators.
    1. If space is available in the class, we will move your application to accepted and you will receive a final confirmation that your enrollment is complete.
    2. If space is not available, your student will be placed on a waitlist in the order the applications were received. Any students still on the waitlist on the first day of class (August 28, 2023) will have their registration fees refunded, but remain on the waitlist.

**Please be patient while we process applications. You will not receive immediate notification as to whether you have a spot. If your application says "Pending" on the Procare portal, your student is on the waitlist. Please contact Robin Gibson with questions about your current position on the waitlist: RGibson@houstonisd.org.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties with ProCare or have other questions or concerns about the Afterschool Care program, please email afterschoolcare@parkerpto.org.




Tuition Schedule for 2023-2024 School Year


Annual Registration 

$50 per family



5 day until 6pm      $330/mo

3 day until 6pm      $285/mo

1 day until 6pm      $170/mo

5 day until 4:15pm  $225/mo

Drop-In                   $85/day   



5 day until 6pm      $280/mo

3 day until 6pm      $230/mo

1 day until 6pm      $125/mo

5 day until 4:15pm  $170/mo

Drop-In                   $55/day


Other Fees

Returned check     $30

Late payment        $15

Late pickup            $10 fee plus $1/min


20% discount for sibling (applied to oldest child)