Our PTO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


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Kelly Lewis


Samantha Wallace
First VP / Fundraising


Heather Rowe
Second VP / Edu Programs


Trisha Kennedy
Third VP / Vol. Services


Tammy Biser-Sherborne
Fourth VP / Health & Safety


Susannah Ortiz

Fifth VP / Music Magnet



About Our Organization

Our objectives are:
1.  To promote the welfare, comfort, and safety of our children in home, school, and community.
2.  To make available the tools and environment to facilitate learning by our children at Cynthia Ann Parker Elementary School, in the Houston Independent School District, Houston, Texas.
3.  To encourage the school, parents, and teachers to cooperate intelligently in the training of our children.
4.  To develop between educators and the general public united efforts that will secure the highest advantages for every child in physical, mental, and social education
Here is a list and description of some of our activities throughout the year:
Book Fair – The Book Fair Committee will work with the librarian to plan and coordinate a week-long Book
Fair, including one evening of book sales. This committee will be responsible for publicity, recruitment of
volunteers, set-up and clean-up. The funds for this event shall be designated to benefit the School Library.
Directory – The Directory Committee will produce a student directory at the lowest possible cost, sell
advertising to defray some of that cost, and produce the directory as early in the year as possible.
Education Enhancements – The Education Enhancements Committee will organize, coordinate and publicize educational activities and competitions to students and parents, as well as recruit volunteers to work with students. This committee will also be responsible for maintaining all required records for participation in the activities and competitions such as Junior Achievement, Great Books, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Fair, or other similar programs.
HISD/Legislative Affairs – The HISD/Legislative Affairs Committee will keep Parker parents and the Board informed on current HISD, state and federal policies, funding and mandates.
Publicity – The Publicity Committee will inform the public of school activities by submitting articles and photographs of interest
to area newspapers and other media. They will coordinate with school personnel to accomplish these goals. The Committee will also submit information to the E-Newsletter Editor for publication in the school newsletter and to the Technologist for posting on the website.
Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC) – The SDMC will fulfill the duties as outlined by the school
district and keep the Board informed of relevant SDMC activities. The SDMC will consist of two parent
members, each serving a two-year term at staggered intervals.
Business Partners– This committee will coordinate and pursue associations with local, state and/or national businesses, such as Box Tops for Education and store share card programs, to benefit the school.
Fall Fundraiser – The Fall Fundraiser Committee will be responsible for proposing and coordinating at least one major fundraising event for the fall semester as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
Family Night – This committee will organize, publicize and coordinate the fundraiser dinner which takes
place in conjunction with the Annual Book Fair POPS concert. This committee is responsible for obtaining and serving dinner, dessert, and beverages as well as set-up and clean-up for the event.
Funfest – This committee will be responsible for organizing and overseeing the annual school carnival which includes publicity, selling tickets, planning games, t-shirt sales, purchasing prizes, coordinating volunteers, decorating, coordinating food sales, set-up, and clean-up.
Grants – This committee will be responsible for seeking financial support through grant solicitations
Spring Fundraiser – The Spring Fundraiser Committee will be responsible for proposing and coordinating at least one major fundraising event for the spring semester as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
School Store/Supply Packs – The School Store is operated to raise funds by selling various school supplies and Parker school shirts, as well as to be a teaching opportunity for the students who work in the store. This committee will be responsible for maintaining store inventory, making approved purchases within the limits of the allocated budget, keeping a record of expenses and income, and training and coordinating student volunteers to work in the Store. This committee will also coordinate a sub-committee to organize and implement the purchase and distribution of the student school supply packs.
School Spirit Shirts - Parker Spirit Shirts, Performance Polos and Hoodies and Fleece are sold at various times throughout the year and at the school store.
Field Day – This committee will work with faculty members to organize the planning and execution of games, coordinate the volunteers, and acquire and distribute snacks for this annual school-wide event.
Landscaping/Beautification – The Landscaping/Beautification Committee will oversee the care and
maintenance of the trees, shrubs and flowerbeds around the school by recruiting and organizing volunteers or hiring professional services. The committee is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of the Habitat Garden.
Safety Patrol – The Safety Patrol Committee will recruit, organize and coordinate volunteers to assist children exiting/entering their cars at the main school gates and help to provide for their safety.
5th Grade Party – This committee will work with the 5th grade teachers to plan the annual graduation party.
They will coordinate all volunteers, games, activities and food for the event. They will also work to produce a
Memory Book for all 5th graders.
Music Committees - We have separate chairpersons for each area of music.  Click Here for more information.
Bilingual Liaison – The Bilingual Liaison will coordinate volunteers to translate PTO/parent correspondence, and will enlist volunteers to attend parent meetings for the purpose of translating. This Committee will also work with the Title 1 Coordinator to help non-English speaking parents identify ways to become involved with the school. Club De Espanol Spanish Club
Computer/Technology – The Computer/Technology Committee will assist the school by recommending
necessary purchases to the PTO, and assisting the school Technologist with updates to the school website.
Homeroom Parents – The Homeroom Parent Committee will coordinate and train room parents in their duties, and act as liaison between other committee chairs and the head homeroom parent from each classroom as necessary to facilitate other PTO events and activities.
Hospitality – The Hospitality Committee will provide refreshments for various school and PTO functions throughout the year as necessary, such as Orientation or Magnet Week.
Library – The Library Committee will coordinate and organize volunteers to assist the librarian with clerical
duties, as well as providing special story times, displays and bulletin boards.
Membership – The Membership Committee will organize, coordinate, recruit and publicize the membership drive at the beginning of the school year, and will maintain all records of PTO membership.
Teacher Appreciation – The committee will organize an appreciation luncheon in December and breakfast on the last day of school for teachers and staff. This committee will contact, organize and coordinate the assistance of the PTO Board and homeroom parents to prepare and serve food, set up and clean up for the luncheons. They will also plan gifts and events during Teacher Appreciation Week.
Volunteer Coordinator – The Volunteer Coordinator will be the liaison between faculty and staff and the volunteers. 
This committee will recruit and identify volunteers throughout the year, connecting them with the correct committee chairpersons. 
The VIPS Coordinator will also maintain records of the volunteer hours and report to the VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) office as needed. This coordinator works with the Principal to recognize volunteers at the school and district levels.


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